Beat Back

Leeds Industrial Museum


Armley Mills was once a place of noise, movement and industry; a place full of people hard at work powering the largest woollen mill in the world. From 2 April 2018, six artists will make Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills their home for two weeks, exploring its history, sharing their work with visitors, groups and passers-by; using original industrial machinery, old methods, and new ideas to recapture the atmosphere of the Mill through visual art, ink, moving image and music.

Drop in to see the artists at work 2-15 April and take part in hands-on activities while you’re there.

From 16 to 21 April discover art installations made during the residencies.

Join us for one night of live, electronic and leftfield music, art and ink as the Museum reverberates with choirs of voices, the music of machines, and the rhythm of people. On Saturday 21 April buy a ticket

Image credit: Leeds Museums and Galleries