Beat Back

Leeds Industrial Museum


Aimee Grundell

Aimee is a visual artist and maker who has created work for the BBC, Adidas, Google, Leeds Museums & Galleries, Tour de France and Commonwealth Games. Aimee also set up ‘The Chance to Fail Foundation’ in North London, which encouraged teenagers to communicate emotions in a safe/non-judgemental space, through music and ideas.

During her Beat Back residency, Aimee will be talking with older people in the area to hear their memories of working in local textiles mills, and of nights out after the work whistle had blown, practising their dance steps, letting their hair down, and often meeting future husbands and wives. Her work for Beat Back is inspired by the women who powered the mills and latterly the sewing machines – the songs they sang, the dances they danced, and the community spirit they helped to create. Working also with Unit 3, Aimee will be creating a Human Zoetrope, inspired by the Museum’s collection of Victorian Zoetropes – the earliest form of moving image.