Beat Back

Leeds Industrial Museum


Lee Goater

Lee Goater is a designer and illustrator based in Leeds with a long-standing engagement with, and contribution to, the creative scene in Leeds. Recent exhibitions include ‘Faces’, originally created for and exhibited at Leeds Gallery, Munro House, in 2013. ‘Faces’ extended beyond the gallery walls enabling people everywhere to create their own Lx avatar using a smartphone app. Due to the success of the exhibition it was expanded and shown at Mitte Barcelona. Lee is also one half of Boe&Lx who will be producing a DJ set for Beat Back’s final event on 21 April.

Lee is spending his artistic residency exploring a forgotten space in the Museum between floors, preparing an installation inspired by the people who gathered in the Mill, and the common movements across the world of people who gather together to dance to music. When he’s above stairs, he’ll be researching the industrial typography of the Museum to share his other passion, and you can join him on a walking typography tour during the residency.